Birthing Circle Partnered Providers

(Partnered Providers are listed here, see below for full resource list)

Reviving Fire

My name is Laura Durbin (pronouns are she/her/hers), and I am a Pelvic Steaming Practitioner in Frederick MD ( I travel to postpartum clients in the DMV area). To prepare for conception, I use pelvic steaming for fertility, reproductive diagnoses, STI’s, and balancing the menstrual cycle. After conception, I use pelvic steaming for labor preparation beginning at 38 weeks, labor, postpartum, miscarriage, and abortion recovery. I use traditional East-Asian bodywork therapies such as pelvic steaming, full body herbal steam saunas, and gua sha to awaken your bodies natural wellness and health. In the postpartum time, I use gua sha to address clogged ducts and mastitis. I am passionate about helping people to feel at ease, joyful, and at home in their bodies. I am a trauma-informed health practitioner and an affirming provider. LGBTQ + centered.

Spring Ridge Chiropractic

Spring Ridge Chiropractic

Dr. Lisa Ortiz

Dr. Ortiz received her Bachelors degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in 1995. Dr. Ortiz is a Graston Technique® certified provider and has completed post graduate work in whiplash traumatology and chiropractic rehabilitation. She served as a faculty member at New York Chiropractic College and has enjoyed private practice in New York and Maryland. Dr. Ortiz is a firm believer in giving back to the community. She is an active member of the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek and is currently serving as a board member.

Dr. Chris Hinchman

Dr. Hinchman received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in 1993.  Following graduation he served as a faculty member at New York Chiropractic College until 2000, when he left to open a private practice in Laurel, Maryland.  In 2006 he and his wife, Dr Lisa Ortiz, purchased Spring Ridge Chiropractic.

Jessica Kent Birth Services

Jessica Kent provides birth & postpartum doula services in Frederick, Maryland and the surrounding region. She is a certified advanced holistic doula, a postpartum doula, infant care specialist, and serves as President of The Birthing Circle. Jessica is a queer doula and provides open and affirming services to all families.  She is an expert on healing past trauma and understanding how trauma can affect birth, and helps her clients navigate their own transformational healing while laying the foundation for an exceptional birth experience.

Carroll County Local Resource List:


Center for Healing Arts

Carroll Acupuncture Clinic 410-795-2205 

Westminster Center for Traditional Acupuncture 410-857-1614 

Quiet Clarity Acupuncture 410-596-5479

Samara Healing Center 410-756-6419 

Wellness Point 410-977-0406 

Belly Binding

Doulas of Central Maryland 410-871-8148 

Birth Under Wraps (Chelsea Stevenson) 443-488-9093 

Birthing Centers

Special Beginnings (Arnold, MD) 410-626-8982 

Birth Classes

Bradley Method (Alyssa Kinney) 

GentleBirth (Camille Nyman) 

Carroll Hospital Center 

Birth Under Wraps (Chelsea Stevenson) 443-488-9093

Cesarean Section & VBAC Support

International Cesarean Awareness Network 1-800-686-4226 EXT 179 


Chiropractic First (Webster Certified) 301-829-4040 

Lewis Family Chiropractic 410-876-8885 

Thrive Chiropractic- Sharon Dongarra (Webster Certified) 443-991-4703

Carroll Chiro- Dr. Bennett (Webster Certified) 410-876-8881

Circumcision & Intact Care Information

Sarah Fangmeyer- Intact MD  

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Support

Heartly House, Inc. 301-662-8800  

Rape Crisis Intervention Center of CC 410-857-0900 

Family & Children’s Services of Central Maryland 410-876-1233 


Jessica Kent      240-285-3785 

Doulas of Central Maryland 410-871-8148 

Bellarose Birth Services- Alyssa Kinney 443-791-5952 

AGROwing Belly- Lauren D. Agro 410-913-7085 

Abundant Birth Support-Camille Nyman 315-882-0400

Grateful Doula Services- Megan Humple 443-244-1522 

Frederick Moms & Doulas

Birth Under Wraps- Postpartum Doula (Chelsea Stevenson) 443-488-9093

Homeopathic Care & Natural Medicine

Brittany Davidson

Lactation Consultants (IBCLC)

Katy Linda, IBCLC

Susan Weyer, IBCLC 

Metropolitan Breastfeeding 301-943-9293 

Lactation Support Meetings

La Leche League of Frederick, MD   or  24 hour hotline 877-452-5324

La Leche League of Reisterstown

Carroll Hospital Center Breastfeeding Support Group 

Meets Thursdays at noon and third Thursday of each month at 6 pm


Therapeutic Kneads Wellness Center 410-549-7711 

The Spa on West Main 410-861-2506

Midwives Hospital

Carroll Health Group OB/Gyn (delivers at Carroll)

Westminster- Charles Fisher Building 410-848-4664 or 410-876-3355

Eldersburg: South Carroll Health Pavilion 410-552-4393

Mt. Airy Health & Wellness Pavilion 301-703-3750 

Signature OB/Gyn (delivers at HCGH)

Eldersburg Office 410-884-8000 

Midwives- Homebirth

Sacred Journey Birthing- 410-227-6174

Morning Light Midwifery (Liz O’Shea) 301-788-0113 

Mother Care Midwifery (Sarah Branson) 541-731-7612 

Riverside Midwifery (Nannette Jenkins, Chris Bontrager, Mychal Pilia)240-341-4974 

Shifrah’s Sisters Holistic Birth Services  (Elizabeth Reiner) 202-446-4400 

Birthwise Midwifery (Alexa Richardson, Deanna Kopf) 202-390-0634 

Mother Blessings/ Blessingways

Breast Skin Sling- 571-409-0892


Capital Women’s Care  (delivers at FMH) 

Mt. Airy Office 240-215-0439

Capital Womens Care (delivers at Carroll/Sinai)

Westminster Office 410-848-6294

Carroll Health Group OB/Gyn (delivers at Carroll)

Westminster- Charles Fisher Building 410-848-4664 or 410-876-3355

Eldersburg: South Carroll Health Pavilion 410-552-4393

Mt. Airy Health & Wellness Pavilion 301-703-3750 

Signature OB/Gyn (delivers at HCGH) 

Eldersburg Office 410-884-8000

Dr. Scott Suplee (delivers GBMC) 410-821-7676


Liberty Pediatrics 410-549-0900

Dr. Michael Rosner 410-751-1833

Dr. Laura Lieberman, Dr. Melissa Levine & Jodi Dinkin, PA 410-876-9680

Carroll Children’s Center 410-848-4424

Drs: Michael Scobie, Peter Chung, Yasmeen Abernathy

PAs: Cindy Newton, Shannon Gibbons, Sarah Letos, Wendy Gatto (CPNP)

Westminster Pediatrics 410-871-1000 

Dr. Michael Beardsley

Carroll Pediatric Center 410-795-7300 

Dr. Edward Perl, Dr. Tim Perl, Dr. Cathy Reifman, 

Dr. Jose Gonzalez 410-795-4020

Pediatric Dentistry

Mt. Airy Children’s Dental Associates 301-829-6588

Orthodontics for Children and Adults:

Dr. Paul Bowersox 410-857-0700 

Smiles4Children 410-549-1212 

Dr. Robert Marcus 410-526-5050 

Placenta Encapsulation

Doulas of Central Maryland-Deborah Bailey 410-871-8148  

Lauren Dawson Agro 410-913-7085  

Postpartum Support

Suzanne Freedman 443-326-3840

Sacred Journey Birthing- 410-227-6174

Scared Journey Birthing Services on 2nd Tuesday of the Month  

Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Photographers

Lauren Dawson Agro 410-913-7085  

Kimberleigh Schneider Photography 410-912-5750

Shawna Sherrell Photography, 443-841-2859 


Breast Skin Sling- 571-409-0892

Specialty Stores

American Baby Consignment 410-549-1296

Tongue Tie Treatment

Dr. James Ryan (Evolution Oral Services) 301-916-6000 

Dr. Michael Virts (Mt. Airy Children’s Dental Associates) 301-829-6588 



Dr. Robert Marcus 410-526-5050 

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