#GivingTuesday is less than a week away!

The Birthing Circle is so proud of the work we have done in 2019, and we hope to continue growing and having the privilege of serving even more families in 2020.  We invite you to check out our fundraiser and join us as we support the community this holiday season.

Last Sunday, I supported a 14 year old refugee as she birthed her perfect baby girl. She had only arrived here a few weeks ago, a severe trauma survivor, and when her family requested asylum, only her father was allowed to stay here with her; her mother was sent back home. I am so grateful that a volunteer that was working with her had heard of doulas, and she was quickly connected to The Birthing Circle’s Doula Project. For 18 hours, I provided emotional support, interpreted for her and her father, provided advocacy, offered physical pain relief, used positioning work to flip her posterior baby around, and held her hand while she safely pushed out her new babe. I helped with breastfeeding afterwards, visited her the next day, and will be providing more postpartum support next week. Her birth was so hard, but she was so brave, and she was so supported. Currently, our Doula Project serves approximately five clients a month, many with similar stories. Every week, we are making a huge, huge difference.

On any given day, you can probably find a Birthing Circle staff or volunteer dropping off a meal to a new parent, delivering diapers or car seats, messaging back and forth with someone offering emotional support online to one of the 3,000 families connected to us, teaching classes to families or small businesses or birth workers, or just generally working hard to improve our local birth community and birth outcomes.

Our work takes many different forms, and it never stops. And we love it! Even on the hardest days, we keep going hard because 1) we have seen what a huge and tangible impact we make in families’ lives, and 2) because we have strength knowing what a strong community we have at our backs when the going gets rough.

This #GivingTuesday, we’ve set a high goal of raising $10,000. The Birthing Circle is in its fourth official year as a nonprofit, and each year we have grown exponentially, with the needs often feeling much greater than our capacity to meet them. But we keep growing our capacity as well, and it has been inspiring to take leaps of faith and then see how the community steps up to ensure we can help each family that asks us for support. We are training 10 new doulas this week for our doula project, we just brought on a new local team leader, and we have hired an official Director for the Doula Project in addition to our full time Executive Director. We also have a new 20 hr/week program training health workers who work with local immigrants on all things birth & baby. That impact will spread out like wildfire!

We’ve set the goal high, because the community needs are high, and our belief that we can make a huge difference is also high! We are very proud that we are able to stretch every dollar a long way for how much of an impact it makes. We’ve created a “Giving Catalogue” this year to give folks an idea of just how far your dollars go. This is just a rough estimate, as our work includes such a wide variety of support, but these are some of the primary things we do:

$10 – Donate one month worth of Doula Project and Childbirth Education flyers to reach the community
$20 – Donate gas for a staff or volunteer as they provide home visits
$25 – Donate the administrative cost of one Birthing Circle community support meeting
$25 – Donate a box of diapers for one low income family
$25 – Donate the administrative cost of one Embrace meeting (perinatal mental health support)
$30 – Donate the administrative cost of creating and sharing our LGBTQ Affirming Birth Care support
$50 – Donate a Miscarriage or Infant Loss Care Package
$100 – Donate the cost of our maternity and baby items Storage Unit rental for one month
$100 – Donate the cost of the venue for one of our Community Baby Showers – serving 20 families
$100 – Donate a postpartum visit to help a family with breastfeeding or infant feeding or sleep support
$150 – Donate the cost of our website for one month
$200 – Donate a Childbirth Class for 12 families
$200 – Donate a Safe Sleep Bundle for one family
$300 – Donate a Doula for one family’s birth
$500 – Donate to flooring and furnishing The Birthing Circle’s new office and meeting space
$1000 – Donate the cost of our Birth Advocacy work for one month (with health providers, community organizations, and legislative and policy work)
$2000 – Donate one month’s rent for TBC’s new office and meeting space
$2500 – Donate the entire administrative cost of one of our Birth Fair’s – reaching/serving over 2,000 people!

We are so grateful for all donations, no matter how big or small. Peace on Earth really does begin with Peaceful Birth, and we can’t do it without your support!

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