Our community is so fortunate to have such an amazing provider as Shifrah’s Sisters Holistic Birth Services!

Meet Elizabeth Reiner: mother, midwife, and woman extraordinaire. Liz started her midwifery journey out with the birth of her daughter in 2002. While beginning her own mothering journey, she also began studying, learning, and training to become a home birth midwife.  And this is not an easy task to do with a little one at home!  But Liz was dedicated to this work, and knew she was called to support women and families in the same gentle, empowering, and respectful way that she was supported during her own births, and she worked hard to become the amazing midwife that she is today.  (Ask Liz about both of her birth stories and her journey into midwifery at one of her monthly meet and greets!)

Liz has contributed so much to our local community by working with local activists and legislators to help CPMs (Certified Professional Midwives) become licensed in the state of Maryland in 2017.  CPMs are fully trained and specialized home birth midwives, and Liz and many others worked tirelessly to ensure that access to CPMs and home birth is available to Maryland families.

Liz believes in supporting women as they birth their babies, and as they make their own powerful choices throughout pregnancy and birth, including the choice to birth at home.  She finds such joy in watching mothers and fathers being born in the process, and it shows in the love and kindness her families feel from her.  Liz does this by bringing her philosophy of “Your Home, Your Midwife, Your Birth” to all of her interactions with her clients.  Her services include complete prenatal, birth, and postpartum support in the comfort of her client’s homes.  She teaches mindfulness techniques, provides guidance through the childbearing process, and deeply serves and loves on every client she serves.  Her commitment and dedication to supporting families is just a few of the many ways she has impacted the birthing community.

Liz is also known for her expertise in educating families on the importance of the microbiome, through hosting viewings of the film “Micro Birth,” teaching clients about nutrition through pregnancy, postpartum, and in newborn care, and educating other professionals about how to best support their own microbiomes and that of their clients.

Still not convinced… Come to one of Liz’s Q&A sessions held the last Wednesday of the month. For more details on Liz and her sessions and services visit her website at Shifrah’s Sisters Holistic Birth Services.

Elizabeth Reiner-  CPM, LDEM

Phone Number-  202-446-4400

Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shifrahs-Sisters-Holistic-Birth-Services/646576115392822

Website- www.shifrahssisters.com

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