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Many thanks to Alison Marie for submitting her beautiful birth story! 

William James arrived at 18:39 (6:39 PM)  on 04/24/2017 after induction of labor for preeclampsia. He is 6lbs 1oz of adorableness, 19 inches long and currently sound asleep skin to skin on his mama. He was born at 37 weeks 2 days gestational age.

Here’s a summary of how it went. He’s my first baby and I’ve never been pregnant before him.

4/23: Started induction at 9:20 pm with Cervadil. Stayed in bed 2 hours as recommended by the manufacturer. Got up to pee, had a snack and an Ambien. Slept intermittently through the night. Hubby was out like a light.


8:15– Cervadil removed by my OB since she was stopping in to check on me. Cervical check showed 1cm/50% effaced/-3 station. Broke my waters. Had breakfast. Leaky fluid is weird. Think I had my bloody show. Wearing a pad the size of a spaceship.

9:23– Contractions are kicking up a bit but still very tolerable, like period cramps. Sitting on the monitor for half an hour, then planning on starting Pitocin.

9:40– Pitocin started at 2

10:10– Pitocin at 4

10:40– Pitocin at 6

11:15– Pitocin at 8

13:00– Contractions have been 1 minute long, 30 seconds to a minute apart for the last 2 hours. Lots of low back pain. Can’t talk through them. I try the birth ball and peanut pillow and a portable monitor for walking and moving during this time. Can’t quite figure out how to cope with the frequency of contractions and can’t get into a good position to handle em while maintaining baby’s heartbeat on the monitor.

13:30– Requested a cervical check to see if I was progressing. Nurse says 3cm “stretchy to 4”, 70% effaced, -2 station. I request an epidural.

14:00– Epidural in. Nap until 15:00.

15:00– OB checks me. 4 cm, 90% effaced, -2 station. Peanut ball between the legs to help  baby move down. Foley (urine) catheter placed. Nurse is having difficulty tracing my contractions on my side so we’ll see if she suggests an internal monitor.

17:00– Nurse has switched me to a wireless sticker “Monica” monitor. It’s picking up my contractions and the heart rate much better. Pitocin dropped to 4 because baby is having some prolonged accelerations and they finally believe me when I say my contractions are 1 minute long each and less than 30 seconds break in between. “Too many contractions” says the nurse. Ugh. I know.

17:40– I have the nurse help me turn to my left. Having a lot of pelvic pressure and she informs me I’ve had my full bloody show. My husband comments it looks like pudding. I’m a little grossed out and getting a little shaky but I am still hanging in. Epidural helps with contractions but I feel like I can feel everything in my pelvis which is good for pushing. Nurse says call if contractions get “strong”.

18:00– I send my husband to find nurse. I am literally holding onto the bed for dear life and crying and vocalizing unintelligible things and trying not to push with the contractions. Nurse comes in and thinks there’s no way I’m ready since I was still 8cm 20 minutes ago. I beg her to please check me. Lo and behold I’m fully dilated and effaced and baby is at 0 station. Of course my OB has just left and has to be called back. Luckily she returns within about 10 minutes. In that time nurse turns off my Pitocin and removes the peanut ball and I think turns off my epidural. I prep for pushing.

18:10– OB is here. Practice pushes commence. I’m reminded that first time mom’s often push for 1-2 hours. I laugh a little because I just know this is not going to be the case for us.

18:39– 5 contractions later, baby is out and on my chest and I’m crying and I can’t believe he’s here. Had a second degree perineal laceration I think on the left side (internal) and a few grazes but nothing major.

The silly peanut ball really seemed to be key once I got an epidural around 2 pm… I was 3-4 cm, 70% effaced and -2 when I got the epidural and I went 6 cm and full effacement and baby at 0 and having to force myself not to push to give the OB a few minutes to arrive by 6 pm after using the peanut ball between 2-6.

He’s just amazing and we can’t even express the crazy love for this little man. It made the whole experience so worth it.




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