I am very excited to be featuring Arise Chiropractic for the next few weeks, as I know first hand how Dr. Lisa Hinkle’s work and kindness can benefit families. I first learned about her work at a La Leche League meeting, where I asked for help or suggestions for my gassy 3 week old, and it was suggested that I see her for assistance getting a deeper latch and treatment for my baby’s torticollis. I made an appointment with Dr. Hinkle, and her calm presence immediately helped soothe my first-time-mom worries, and her gentle touch with my baby relaxed him quickly. Dr. Hinkle patiently explained to me how infant chiropractic works, and showed me how she worked by putting gentle pressure on my baby’s tense muscles to help him relax and realign his spine. She then watched him nurse so she could see exactly how to improve his latch, and within days of our visit, my baby’s latch had improved and was much deeper, which eliminated his gassiness and discomfort. It was amazing!


Dr. Hinkle has ten years of chiropractic experience, working with children and adults. She provides Infant and Pediatric Chiropractic care, and has completed a 200 hour certification in chiropractic pediatrics through the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice. This work can help treat babies with colic, gassiness, and latch problems, including tongue-ties. She is also able to help children with ear infections, as correct alignment can help the fluid to drain more effectively.


Dr. Hinkle does Craniosacral work for all ages. Craniosacral work is specific to the head and neck area, and consists of light or moderate pressure to decompress tension areas. Babies that she treats will frequently receive this care along with her chiropractic adjustments, as tension can occur during infants’ passage through the birth canal and is common with breech deliveries.


Arise Chiropractic provides chiropractic care for adults, for all general needs, and specializes in maternal care. Dr. Hinkle is certified in the Webster Technique, which optimizes a baby’s position during pregnancy for improved labor outcomes. She works with many of our local expecting mamas, and provides chiropractic treatment in her Frederick office. I was also amazed to learn that she will do home visits if a woman needs some assistance during her labor to relieve pain or help labor progress.


Arise Chiropractic has two massage therapists on their team- Debbie Couture and Kathy Anderson. Their services include massage for fertility work, as well as prenatal, and postpartum care, or just because a massage feels amazing and is so effective at eliminating stress.


Aside from the excellent and expansive care that Arise provides, they are very active in our local birthing community. They genuinely care about families, and believe in providing families with a holistic model of care that treats the whole person, and the whole family. Lisa had two home births herself, and both of her children had tongue ties that she had to work through on her own breastfeeding journey. This personal experience has given her a depth of compassion for struggling mamas that is evident in her patient and gentle care. As providers, and as fellow parents, Dr. Lisa Hinkle and her team are true assets to our community, and we encourage you to check them out! More information on their services, and a full list of their professional credentials can be found at AriseWellness.com.



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