The Birthing Circle Overview:

The Birthing Circle is a federal 501(c)3 nonprofit serving the MD/VA/DC region to work towards improving birth outcomes and building community.  We have an array of programs dependent on location, and are always seeking new volunteers.  If you are passionate about birth, or are seeking personal support, please contact us to find ways to plug in!

  • The Birthing Circle strives to improve the health and well-being of our local community, one family at a time.
  • We provide peer-to-peer support for families through the childbirth process both in person and online.
  • We offer services and programs to low-income and marginalized families through our Doula Project to tangibly impact local birth outcomes.
  • We believe that knowledge is a key step in empowering families, and work to hold a space where evidence-based information can be shared. Our goal is to provide encouragement and support for families making informed choices for their birth and babies, and connect those families with valuable providers.
  • We advocate locally  to raise awareness, support better birth policies and legislation, and impact birth outcomes on a large scale.
  • We hold an annual Birth & Babies Fair, doula training events, provide outreach to other professionals, and are working to address Obstetric Violence through a new project called #MyBirthToo.


We hold multiple in person group meetings each month, in Frederick County, Carroll County, Howard County, and Montgomery County. Check out our Facebook page to find more information on these meetings, as well as a list of all upcoming birth & baby classes, and local events. Each county has its own Facebook group, click the above links to view each group.

We believe knowledge is important for making informed choices for your birth and family; check out our Local Resources tab for more information on your local options.

Find us on Instagram @TheBirthingCircle, on Facebook at The Birthing Circle.